Thursday, 28 March Reminiscing: I absolutely loved mine to bits and spent hours ‘designing’ outfits. I still have mine at my parents’ house, and they have been under strict instructions not to get rid of it. I’ve just been on a trip to see them and took the opportunity to dig out the Fashion Wheel and get it out of its box. If you used and loved one like me this will bring back a few memories, or if you’ve never heard of it, here’s how it worked: Instructions for use from the box the outline never turned out as neatly as demonstrated here! Selecting my combination of head, torso and legs:

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I want to set down somewhat of a history of General Grant’s Memoirs. By way of preface I will make a remark or two indirectly connected therewith. During the Garfield campaign Grant threw the whole weight of his influence and endeavor toward the triumph of the Republican party.

wedding photos showing flapper bride. All the female guests wear flapper style dropped waist dresses and every dress is typical of fashion styles available in

I had been asked to post this to my blog, so I am finally getting around to doing it! I hope this will be a multiple part series, to help you understand how to use vintage patterns, as well as learn a little about their history. You may feel like you need a decipher to understand the markings. And the instructions can be so minimal that you may feel like you need a decoder to just figure out how to put the thing together!

In this series I will offer tips for using vintage patterns based on my experiences and research. The biggest factor that seems to dissuade sewers from using vintage patterns are the perforated, or unmarked, patterns.

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Alana’s Cherished Treasures Alana’s Cherished Treasures is an online store only that sells a large collection of out of print, vintage and collectible, and hard to find sewing patterns. We have pattern accessories, iron on and embroidery transfers, crafts, costumes, bridal, men, women and children patterns dating back from s to the year Some include knitting and crochet patterns.

Patterns from the Past offers quality photocopies of Original Vintage Patterns BUY ANY 3 PATTERNS INCLUDING THOSE ALREADY ON SALE GET A FOURTH ONE FREE EMAIL WITH YOUR FREE PATTERN CHOICE must be of simular value Vintage pattern dating to the early s or earlier. Penguin is 10″ high, and Dog is 12″ high. McCall.

By Charlotte Gerber Home-crafted Lord of The Rings-inspired elf dress Patterns for elf costumes can be used to create costumes for many occasions, inlcuding Christmas plays, Lord of the Rings re-enactments, and Halloween events to name just a few. Find patterns for elf costumes accessories that you can make yourself and you’ll be on your way to creating a budget-friendly outfit for your next dress up occasion.

Free Patterns for Elf Costume If you’re looking for free patterns for elf costumes, you can find what you are looking for on the following websites. While the styles are very simplistic, you can easily create an affordable elf outfit using one of these options very quickly. How to Make an Elf Costume – includes step-by-step instructions on how to make a simple elf costume in an afternoon using oversized t-shirts as patterns and adding felt and bric-a-brac embellishments.

This option is perfect for busy moms who have to make a costume on the fly. How to Make a Child’s Elf Costume – easy to follow instructions on how to make an elf costume from felt and items from a thrift store.

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Sun-kissed Anneli There’s always that mad rush to dress after a day at the beach and inevitably there’s a stop off for a quick bite to eat on the way home. This Named pattern Anneli double front dress is perfect for a quick dinner on the way home. Ok so I don’t wear 4inch heels at the beach but doesn’t this double front dress look fab in heels? This knit print has a great all-over print that works so well under the Australian sun.

Funny Things Funny Stuff Nerdy Things Random Stuff Awesome Things Awesome Stuff Lovely Things Awesome Art Speed Dating. Star Wars The Force Awakens Perler Bead Patterns. Mccalls Dress Patterns 60s Patterns Vintage Sewing Patterns Evening Dress Patterns Clothing Patterns s Dresses Vintage Dresses Full Skirt Dress Gathered Skirt.

The following free patterns will help you make a winter hat for a child: A Hoot and a Holler has an easy tutorial for making a child’s hat out of an old sweater. Martha Stewart has patterns for five different polar fleece hats to fit kids of all ages. Adults’ Winter Hats You’ll love these free patterns for grown up winter hats: Leafy Treetop Spot has instructions and photos for making a cute fleece cap.

Alisa Burke has a helpful tutorial for making a vintage-style fleece hat. Canadian Living offers a free pattern for making a fleece balaclava.

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How to Pick the Perfect Prom Dress Simplicity Simplicity has an amazing selection of special occasion dress patterns, including many looks that would be perfect for prom. Whether you’re planning to go long or short, glitzy or simple, you’ll find a design here. Most patterns also come in plus sizes, and they are all labeled with the difficulty level.

Some patterns, like Jessica McClintock allow you to create a variety of looks using just one pattern. This pattern includes instructions for making a short, cocktail-length dress, as well as a longer mermaid-style gown.

I started off with McCalls pattern # Which is a pretty cool looking vest, but it didn’t have all the extra cargo pockets he wanted. I’ve made enough cargo pants over the years that I decided I didn’t need a pattern just for pockets.

Welcome to Lonesome Tree Designs. Well, it started 41 years ago when a friend of my mom gave her leather key chains in the shape of Texas along with many other scraps for me to play with. Mom was running a craft store where she taught braiding and painting and sold craft supplies. There’s a lot of artist in my family going back to my Great Great Great Grand Father Michael Walsh that was a shoemaker in England, then my Great Grand Father was an artist that worked for McCalls Patterns where he hand drew all the patterns for McCalls, he also hand painted Christmas Cards and a well known painter of oil paints on canvas William Foster.

My mother that ran the craft store Carol McLean was quite the artist herself and a collector of antiques as well. Mom is still around to tell me what I’ve done wrong with my work.

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Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Are you sure it was GH? It may have been McCall’s.

Poncho Sweater Grey Poncho Quarter Sleeve Beyond The Rack Cute Fashion Style Clothes Charcoal Comfy Dating. Three-Quarter Sleeve Sweater. Sue Reynolds | Carmine Media. I Would Wear That! Dress Sewing Patterns, Sewing Patterns Free, Mccalls Patterns, Dress Tutorials, Sewing Tutorials, Sewing Projects, Diy Clothes, Sewing Clothes, Points.

Pattern collecting guide Collecting Vintage Sewing Patterns The first thing to know about collecting vintage sewing patterns is that the temptation to add “just one more” pattern to your collection is irresistible. A hundred patterns here, a hundred patterns there — after a while it adds up to quite a bit of space No matter what your favorite style or era, eventually you may have questions.

How old is my pattern? How much is it worth? What happened to the company that made it? Where can I find my favorite styles or brands? What’s the best way to store my collection?

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Tuesday, 6 August In the mood for a snood When you are interested in vintage clothing or even sew your own wardrobe after patterns from the 40s or 50s, you sooner or later are confronted with the question how to “dress” your hair. Of course you can wear a hat more to that subject will follow.

Jan 28,  · Vogue patterns did not begin dating patterns until the ‘s. Simplicity Sewing Patterns began in and began dating their patterns in the ‘s. In they dated the pattern envelope on the bottom front and then in the later 40’s you’ll find the date on the back side of the instruction : One Yellow Cottage.

Tuesday, October 8, Dating like it’s A couple months ago, I began dating for the first time. During a recent conversation, the subject of Victorian courtship was brought up. As I explained to Kerry, it’s funny because I actually know the dating rule book from over years ago, and it has changed quite a bit. Well this is for Kerry, enjoy babe. During the Victorian Era, the idea of dating was nonexistent. Instead couples went through a ritualized form of it known as “courting.

Courtship differed for each of the classes on both sides of the pond America and England , due to different ideals and laws that were in place. For people growing up in rural areas, it was not as strict of an ordeal. Young couples could socialize with each other at events such as Sunday services, church gatherings, and community balls.

Men were usually looking for a wife who would aid in helping to run the farm or the house, women for a husband who could financially support and take of them.

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Reproducing Past Patterns Butterick http: Slight resemblance on the style lines, but I’ve had the Butterick for years. And pulled it out thinking it was older and wouldn’t it be nice to wear a repro of a Great War dress for a lecture on said subject , regarding the th anniversary? Past patterns says this is from Mostly, I want to know what sorts of fabrics this would have been made from , and get some comparative images to work from.

s vintage McCalls hat patterns from Va-Voom Vintage with Brittany. Find this Pin and more on s Fashion by Va-Voom Vintage. See more Find this Pin and more on too cool by Etude/Dating Alternative. See more. A Free Crochet Ribbed Hat Pattern + 4 Tips To Make This Stitch Easier.

In some traditions, the color of the robe indicates the level of training a practitioner has. Most people prefer to wear nothing at all under their ritual robe, but do what is comfortable for you. You can make one in blue for spring, green for summer, brown for fall, and white for winter — or any other colors that symbolize the seasons for you.

Some people choose to avoid black, because it sometimes has negative connotations, but use the color that feels right for you. If you can sew a straight line, you can make a robe. First of all, for experienced sewers, there are a number of excellent commercially available patterns out there. Here are some that look nice and can be made without too much sewing experience: Believe it or not, this is a set of patterns for a passion play.

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