“Diamond I” or “I inside a Diamond” mark seen on antique bottles

“Diamond I” or “I inside a Diamond” mark seen on antique bottles

A handsome guy, he has got a good looking face with his big black eyes, thick black hair and a beautiful smile that reflects his confident and positive nature. He was raised in a middle-class family and seemed to have an enough good childhood. Born as the only son, he was raised along with his three beautiful sisters; Sidney and Taylor; who were elder than him and Hallie, who is younger. With his parents both Americans by nationality; his family, however, has a mixed ethnicity. In such a very young age, he has achieved so much in life that has made his parents and fans so proud! Learn more about him here with us!

Royal Worcester Marks

Brian Clark made the point to me in an e-mail some time back that the Western Cartridge Company boxes with the Maltese cross logo are very difficult to find in the centerfire calibers. I would have to agree wholeheartedly, as I haven’t had a lot of luck finding them myself. The Maltese cross was originally the logo for the Union Cap and Chemical Company, formed in by the Western Cartridge Company and the Austin Cartridge Company, to produce primers for their shotgun shells.

Western and Austin were relatively small companies that purchased the components for their shotgun shells from other makers. As a result, the small companies had to find other sources or face going out of business.

Oct 22,  · Machine serial numbers. Edison Cylinder Phonographs. Cylinder Phonograph Discussion Board. Cylinder Records Discussion Board. Edison Diamond Disc Phonographs. Diamond Disc Phonograph Discussion Board. Diamond Disc Records Discussion Board. Other Phono-Related Stuff. General All-Purpose Phono Board. Other.

Begun as a wholesale jeweler, the company produced small table clocks and good-quality pocket watches, By , driven by the increased demand for wristwatches, Bulova built a factory in Bienne, Switzerland that was capable of mass-producing fully-jeweled wristwatch movements in large numbers. For the most part, these movements were cased and timed in the USA before shipment to retailers. Under Joseph Bulova’s guidance, Bulova became a world-leader in the mass production of reliable, good-quality wristwatches.

Bulova sold relatively few pocket watches compared to their huge production of wristwatches , though they did produce a few basic pocket watch models in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. The ultra-thin “Phantom” model, produced in the ‘s, was a finely-made, platinum-cased pocket watch that is prized by collectors today. A Company of “Firsts” Bulova was an innovative company, and can be credited with many industry “firsts.

They were the first watch company to market watches specifically to women, and the first company to open a school for disabled veterans that provided them with care, employment opportunities, and a marketable skill after the war more below. Arde Bulova “wished to repay, in some small measure, the sacrifice and service of returning disabled veterans after the Second World War. The school provided tuition-free education to teach disabled servicemen the skills of watchmaking “under the most expert supervision and with an all-inclusive curriculum in a pleasant environment where similar interests and problems developed a close-knit, affable group of men working toward common goals.

Over jewelers pledged to hire Bulova graduates, so employment upon graduation was assured. The school provided a well-equipped facility for its disabled students, and was a pioneer of “accessibility” with automatic doors and extra-wide elevators. Facilities included a medical department on school premises which housed an infirmary, dispensary and exercise room.

Prehistoric Fossils Dating Back 9.7m Years Could Rewrite History Of Where Humans Came From

Protecting Diamond Buyers The principle mission of the DCLA is to protect diamond consumers, and consumer confidence, when buying diamonds. A fundamental element of this confidence is providing accuracy, consistency and transparency in diamond grading. The Diamond Certification laboratory of Australia is equipped with the most advanced diamond technology and equipment in Australia.

All diamonds submitted to the DCLA laboratory are individually identified and tested to International Diamond Council standards, ensuring that the diamond has not been treated or enhanced in any way, and are of natural origin. The DCLA Diamond Grading Certificate assures the owner that the diamond is free of all known diamond treatments and diamond enhancements.

History of jewelry companies old and new, marks, designers, and links so you can learn about your jewelry. NEW AND VINTAGE COSTUME JEWELRY DESIGNERS, MARKS, In , the company was recognized for its skills in diamond cutting, wedding ring making and for the manufacturing of fine gold and platinum jewelry. In the early years, the company.

Jared Diamond then sent over a robust response, which I published in full. Now Lipo and Hunt in turn respond to Diamond, which I am happy also to publish in full below. We acknowledge that Diamond has much at stake here. But so do the Easter Islanders. So too does the field of archeology. And so too does the truth. Sadly, this thesis was not challenged because it so conveniently confirmed 18th century prejudice about superior European and inferior everyone not European societies.

Thor Heyerdahl expanded the story and added a further racist twist about lighter-skinned people who accomplished much, and darker-skinned people who incited rebellion, warfare, and ruin. Diamond simply continues the tradition by reworking the tale to remove the racist elements, relying instead upon an environmental twist put forth by popular writer Bahn and palynologist Flenley. An important role of scholarship is to examine long-held myths and see if they hold up under modern scientific tests.

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The best known, however, found its way into his hands already cut… and came with a long and intriguing history. This was the notorious Hope Diamond. Mysterious origins Today weighing There are conflicting stories about its origin, but it is most likely to have been hewn from the Golkonda mines in southern India. Now extinct, these were the source of several exceptional gems, including the Koh-i-Noor, part of the British Crown Jewels. Legend has it that the stone became known to the West only after being stolen from a temple, where it was protected by a curse.

A costume jewelry identification guide to jewelry history, jewelry designers, jewelry marks, jewelry signatures, jewelry research Jewelry Research – Jewelry Marks – Jewelry Signatures – Jewelry Articles – Jewelry Galleries. Like RCJ on Facebook. Purchase Jewelry At: Illusion Jewels Vintage Jewelry HC in a diamond — see CARNEGIE.

Unfortunately, we are not experts, but we always turn to a wonderful book by someone who is for our information. Joan Van Patten has written many books on collecting antique Nippon porcelain, and she has compiled known dates for certain backstamps. We are sharing a small list here with pictures of the ones we have come across in our Nippon journeys.

We hope this helps those out there looking for this information quickly. We cannot stress enough that this is NOT a complete list. If you know any dates for a backstamp not shown here, feel free to leave the information in the comments. Information about each mark is below the picture. Even more backstamps have been added to the list! Mark used since Found in green shown , blue, magenta, and gold colors.

Found in green, blue shown , and magenta. Mark in use since Found in blue shown , gold and green.

Straight Razor Manufacturers and Dates of Operation

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The diamond logo made its appearance on box labels around The short (2 years or so) period of production would account for the limited number of centerfire Maltese cross boxes found today. It would be nice to see the Western product lists from and to get a good idea of just how many calibers were produced in the Maltese cross boxes.

I had an old Diamond Calk Horseshoe adjustable wrench, single end. What made it interesting was the hole in the handle hwere the wrench could be hung up was broached for a 12 point box wrench. That old adjustable wrench was unplated, just a dull oxide or “oil” finish. As a little guy, I remember being fascinated by the horseshoe insignia and the box wrench in the end of the handle. I have seen the double-end adjustable wrenches from time to time.

I never thought they were particularly rare. In the early ‘s, I’d seen some older mechanics using them as everyday tools. I think other firms aside from Diamond made that pattern of wrench. In , a friend who was raised around Duluth told me that Diamond Tool there “new name” had left Duluth. Not sure where they moved off to. I do know when I worked in Wyoming in the late ‘s, I bought a pair of new Diamond Tool fence pliers and kept them in my pickup.

Those, along with the Diamond Calk Horseshoe wrench and an “all steel” Winchester model 94 were stolen out of my locked Cornbinder Scout in right in my Dad’s driveway in Brooklyn, NY. NYPD was of no use whatsoever, and was hotter at me for having brought a rifle into city limits than they were about catching the bastard who stole it. I got another old “all steel” Model 94 but never did replace the Diamond Calk Horseshoe wrench or my fence pliers.

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Antique Cufflink Archive Below are cufflinks and dress sets we have sold in the past. If a pair catches your eye, please let us know and we will be happy to let you know when a similar pair next crosses our desk. An elegant marriage of Sapphires and antique gold. Crafted in 14kt gold, circa

Ross-Simons fine jewelry includes diamonds, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, diamond engagement rings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and precious gemstone jewelry. Shop Ross-Simons for the finest collection of fine jewelry, gifts and more since % money back guarantee on every item, every order, every day.

Listed in a state of RI factory inspection report. Ceramic dog pins have been their specialty since Daisy pin GU 21 April Necklace GP P Dragon design: Pin GP I firmly believe that the “Cobra Set” dates from the same year, as do the non figural pieces using the same translucent stones known as “dragon teeth” 21 April Necklace GP E Far eastern look: Earrings GP P Far eastern look: Chinese face and body pin GP P Chinese face and bust pin. GP E Mandarin bust earrings. GP E Chinese face and bust earrings.

GP No more copyrighted designs until 15 September Probably many Har cheaper pieces belong to the same period. Leo Geller manufactured some of Har’s stock.


History of Wedding Rings Find the fascinating history of wedding rings and identification tips for authentic antique wedding rings and vintage engagement rings from specific eras here. We’ve got a complete run down on the six main design styles of the times behind wedding and engagement rings starting from the Georgian era.

And if you have any questions about wedding ring history, just scroll to the end of the page and send in your questions!

History of the Monet Company from the late s through to s. Includes examples of signatures used for dating purposes and many photos of popular pieces.

Hons Origin of Name The “Beau Sancy” or “Little Sancy,” a carat, pear-shaped, colorless diamond gets its name from Nicholas Harlay de Sancy, seigneur de Sancy Lord of Sancy , a nobleman, financier, and diplomat of 16th th century France, and Superintendent of Finance to Henry IV from to , who was also a collector, connoisseur and dealer of diamonds. Nicholas Harlay de Sancy also had a The exact color and clarity grades of the diamond are not known, as the diamond perhaps has not been tested in a modern laboratory.

Considering the period in which the diamond first appeared, between and , it must have originated in one of the diamond producing areas in the eastern Deccan region of India, including the mines at Golconda if it originated after the s. Golconda was famous for producing colorless diamonds of exceptional clarity, which became the international standard for comparing diamonds originating from other sources.

The most striking feature of the diamond is the perfect symmetry of its facets, which is unique for a diamond of the 15th th centuries The most striking feature of the diamond, is the perfect symmetry of its facets as seen in the net diagram below, which is unique for a diamond of the 15th th centuries. The significance of this will be discussed under the caption “History” of the diamond.

There are facets including the two small table facets, in this rounded, double-sided, pear-shaped diamond. The net of each side of the diamond looks identical, as depicted below, and if they are perfectly identical, the no of facets on each side must be An accurate net of the Beau Sancy Diamond drawn by Thomas Cletscher, in the 17th-century The diamond is most probably a Type IIa diamond, known as the “purest of the pure” of all diamonds If the diamond is absolutely colorless without even a tinge of yellow color, it becomes a Type IIa diamond, which are said to be the “purest of the pure” of all diamonds.

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